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About Dr Chan


Dr. (H.) H. H. Chan started the Natural Health Clinic, division of Newmarket Trading Co., in the early 80’s making available natural health supplements to the public, through consultation.

Since many health problems could not be resolved by taking nutrients alone, Homeopathic consultation was introduced in 1990.

To overcome the difficulties of Classical Homoeopathy in getting to the right remedies every time (similimum), Dr. Chan went to Europe to learn how the Germans practise Homeopathy. (Homeopathy originated from Germany). So in 1994, he introduced German Functional Medicine to this country. With the help of German diagnostic devices, a patient’s dominant problem areas of the body can be identified & proper remedies can be confirmed.

Very soon, other Homeopaths also want to duplicate the successful & proven methods of Functional Medicine. So in between seeing patients, Dr. Chan also markets these devices to other Homoeopaths, training them as well as sharing with them, his invaluable experience in the field of Functional Medicine.

BIO-DATA   1st January, 2022

Name                   Dr. (H.) CHAN HENG HUA

Age                     78 years

Sex                      Male

Education           Dietary Consultant. USA

                            Certificate of Proficiency (Homeopathy) Malaysia

                            B.Sc (Nutrition) ICHNS, London

                            M.D. (Homeopathy) Malaysia

                            Dip. (Acupuncture) Malaysia

                            Dip. (MORA Therapy) Germany

                            German Functional Medicine intensive courses VEGA

                            Certified Lymphologist (USA)

                            Advanced BICOM-Resonance Techniques

                            Certified Advanced MORA Therapy


Experience         Dietary Consultant

                            Clinical Nutrition

                            Homeopathic Practice

                            Functional Medicine

                            Microwave-hyperthermia Therapy

Excelled in








1993 - 2001




40 years

34 years

36 years

28 years

1 year

Saving legs from amputation (diabetic gangrene).

Reducing / stopping pains.

Getting rid of migraines / headaches.

Stopping tinnitus (ringing in ears).

Preventing miscarriages.

Reducing cough / colds / wheezing in babies or children.

Allergies / skin problems.

Reversing many unexplained syndromes.

Reversing coronary (heart) artery disease,

Bypassing the "BYPASS".

Reducing cholesterol levels.

Heavy Metal tests & detoxification.

Identifying unhealthy dental procedures that might have compromised your Immune Systems.

Reversing Autism, ADHD & Tourette Syndrome (tics)